Video Production

We provide high quality video production based upon the budget you set us. Every video project is different, as a result we charge based off of our time, so you get the best value for money. We only charge you for the time we take, therefore if the project takes a shorter time than expected the you don't pay any extra.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial videos are a powerful tool to gain trust with your customers and increase sales. This especially important when customers are considering investing in your product or service, leading to an increase in lead conversion.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are the most common and effective method to increase awareness to your business through video. If you are looking to put a video on your website, these can increase the time spent on your site, which in turn can increase your search rankings within Google.

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Event Filming

Our live event filming service includes a whole range of events including meetings, conferences, seminars, public events and, most commonly, live music performances.

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Video Business Cards

Our most popular video service. This aims to dig into a brand and tell their story to connect with customers.

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Social Media Package

A consistent monthly video content strategy designed for your clients. Offering regular content to support social media growth.

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Case Studies

Take a closer look at the projects we have completed. This will give you an insight into what goes into a project.

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